What is my definition of financial independence?

I believe goals and definitions can change over time so the question really is “What is my current definition of financial independence?”

Today, and probably for 5+ years, FI means paying off my debts. I currently owe $113,000 on my mortgage at a 3.625% interest rate and I owe $3,200 to my parents at a 0% interest rate, so my total current debt is $116,275.

I equate being debt-free to financial independence because most of my decisions today revolve around my debt. Continue reading “What is my definition of financial independence?”

Why start blogging now?

I feel like it’s time to start blogging now because I wanted to share my journey for financial independence (aka FI).  I think my journey is unique because I live on Guam, a small US territory island in the Pacific Ocean, which means I have similar financial experiences as those living in the States but also unique experiences that come with being a territory instead of a state and being closer to Asia than to North America.

I believe words live for eternity. Continue reading “Why start blogging now?”